ACAF open meeting: 23 February 2017

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27 January 2017
72nd meeting: 10.30am on 23 February 2017, Aviation House, London


Declaration of Members’ Interests

ACAF members are appointed for their individual expertise and experience and are not representative of any sector or organisation.  Details of their interests can be found in the Register of Members’ Interests available from the ACAF Secretariat or on the website at:

Members are asked to declare any relevant changes to their entries in the Register of Members’ Interests at the beginning of each meeting.
Draft Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Members will consider the draft minutes of the seventieth meeting and formally adopt them.     MIN/16/03

Refuse Derived Fuels

The Committee will be asked to discuss and agree recommendations on existing controls and any potential safety issues with respect to the transport and storage of refuse derived fuels at ports.     ACAF 17/01

A description of the UK (and Irish) fishmeal and fish oil industry with reference to production methods and global supplies 

Members will receive a presentation on the issues on the production of fishmeal.     ACAF 17/02

Feed additives

Members will receive an oral update on activities carried out by the ACAF Secretariat following the presentation provided by ACAF Member Geoff Brown on feed additives that was provided at the October 2016 meeting.  Members will be asked to consider how they wish to proceed on the issue of over supplementation.
Update on triennial review of SACs reporting to the FSA

The FSA’s Head of Science Strategy and Governance will provide an oral update to Members on the implementation of the recommendations resulting from the triennial review of SACs which started in September 2015 and concluded in March 2016.  The update will also include information on the progress of the setting up of the Agency’s Science Council.
Any Other Business    

Information Papers:    

EU Developments;     ACAF/17/03

Update on the work of other Advisory Committees    ACAF/17/04