ACAF agenda: 26 February 2014

Provisional Agenda for 63rd meeting

10:30am in Conference Room 4 & 5 Aviation House, London

1. Declaration of Members’ Interests
ACAF members are appointed for their individual expertise and experience and are not representative of any sector or organisation. Details of their interests can be found in the Register of Members’ Interests available from the ACAF Secretariat or on the website at:

Members are asked to declare any relevant changes to their entries in the Register of Members’ Interests at the beginning of each meeting.

2. Draft Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Members will consider the draft minutes of the sixty-second meeting and formally adopt them.

3. The potential of feed additives to improve the environmental impact of European livestock farming

Members will receive a presentation from a Dr Kathy Lewis University of Hertfordshire on developments in relation to additives. ACAF/14/01

4. EFSA's FEEDAP Panel: Consumer Exposure

Members will receive a presentation from the vice Chairman of the EFSA Panel on Additives and Products or Substances used in Animal Feed (FEEDAP) on the work of this EFSA Panel including the methodology it adopts when providing an opinion. ACAF/14/02

5. Pre-breeding and wheat resynthesis

Members to receive a presentation from Dr Phil Howell of NIAB on work being undertaken to develop a new type of wheat which could increase productivity by 30% offering greater yields. ACAF/14/03

6. Possible revision of the ACAF Review of On-Farm Feeding Practices

Members will be asked to advise whether it is appropriate to revise the On-Farm Feeding Practices document it produced in 2003. ACAF/14/04

7. United Kingdom Former Foodstuff Processors Association

Members will receive a short update from the Chairman of the newly formed United Kingdom Former Foodstuff Processor Association. ACAF 14/05

8. Food and Veterinary Office (FVO): Audit to Great Britain January 2014

Members to receive initial feedback from a recent FVO audit of UK official feed controls. They will be asked to consider any recommendations made by the FVO audit team.

9. Any Other Business

10. Information Papers:

  • EU Developments; ACAF/14/06
  • Update on the work of other Advisory Committees ACAF/14/07
  • Feed Law Enforcement Review Implementation Programme ACAF/14/08
  • ACMSF Antimicrobial Resistance Working Group - Summary of second meeting of the group held on 6 December 2013 ACAF/14/09
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