ACAF open meeting agenda: 2 March 2011

Aviation House, London

1. Declaration of Members’ Interests

ACAF members are appointed for their individual expertise and experience and are not representative of any sector or organisation. Details of their interests can be found under Register of Members’ Interests.

Members are asked to declare any relevant changes to their entries in the Register of Members’ Interests at the beginning of each meeting.

2. Draft Minutes of the Previous Meeting - MIN/10/04

Members will consider the draft minutes of the fifty-second meeting and formally adopt them.

3. German Dioxins Incident - ACAF/11/01

Members will receive a presentation from FSA officials on the recent incident and will be invited to consider ways of minimising the risk of something similar occurring in the UK.

4. Sustainability aspects of feed production and use - ACAF/11/02

Members will receive an oral presentation from Mrs Stephanie Cossom on sustainability aspects of feed production and use. The Committee will be asked to consider how best to pursue this area of work.

5. 2009 Quinquennial Review: Progress on Recommendations - ACAF/11/03

Members will be provided with an oral update from Miss Mandy Jumnoodoo on progress to implement the recommendations of the quinquennial review of the Committee that took place in the latter part of 2009.

6. GM Issues

The Committee will receive an oral update from the ACAF Secretary on topical GM issues.

7. Matters Arising from the Minutes of previous meetings

8. Any Other Business

Information Papers

  • EU Developments - ACAF/11/04
  • Update on the work of other Advisory Committees - ACAF/11/05
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    Background information on the ACAF

    The Advisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs (ACAF) was set up in June 1999 to advise on the safety and use of animal feeds and feeding practices, with particular emphasis on protecting human health and with reference to new technical developments and new feed materials and products.