ACAF Provisional Agenda: 19 September 2012

Conference Room 4 and 5 Aviation House London

1. Declaration of Members’ Interests

ACAF members are appointed for their individual expertise and experience and are not representative of any sector or organisation. Details of their interests can be found in the Register of Members’ Interests available from the ACAF Secretariat or on the website at:

Members are asked to declare any relevant changes to their entries in the Register of Members’ Interests at the beginning of each meeting.

2. Draft Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Members will consider the draft minutes of the fifty-eighth meeting and formally adopt them.

3. Antimicrobial resistance

Members will receive a presentation from Lesley Johnson (Veterinary Medicines Directorate). They will be asked for their opinions on whether any further initiatives or actions are required in this area.

4. Feed Safety – potential gaps

Members will receive a presentation from the British Society for Animal Science on work this organisation is carrying out on the registration of those providing advice to farmers on feeding of animals.

5. Commission Regulation 225/2012

Members will receive an oral report from the ACAF Assessor Tim Franck on work the Agency is carrying out to implement Commission Regulation 225/2012 that introduces additional controls on oils and fats for feed use.

6. FVO Audit Recommendations

The Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) carried out an audit of feed law enforcement in Northern Ireland in May 2012. An FSA official will provide an update on the response to the recommendations arising from this audit.

7. Forward Work Programme

The Committee will be asked to agree to endorse its Forward Work Programme for 2012-13.

8. Matters Arising from the Minutes of previous meetings

9. Any Other Business

Information Papers:

• EU Developments; ACAF/12/14

• Update on the work of other Advisory Committees ACAF/12/15

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