ACAF open meeting: 22 October 2014

Last updated:
10 September 2014
Aviation House

Draft agenda

1. Declaration of Members’ Interests

ACAF members are appointed for their individual expertise and experience and are not representative of any sector or organisation. Details of their interests can be found in the Register of Members’ Interests available from the ACAF Secretariat or below.

Members are asked to declare any relevant changes to their entries in the Register of Members’ Interests at the beginning of each meeting.
2. Draft Minutes of the Previous Meeting - MIN/14/02

Members will consider the draft minutes of the sixty-fourth meeting and formally adopt them.

3. Agricultural Industries Confederation – Sustainability Committee - ACAF 14/19

Nick Major Chairman of AIC feed sector Sustainability Committee is to provide Members with a presentation on the work of this committee.

4. Organic Feed issues - ACAF 14/20

Members will be asked to consider the new organic proposals following a presentation from an official from Defra.  

5. AIC’s Feed Adviser Register (FAR) - ACAF 14/21

Members will receive a presentation on work that the AIC has undertaken to develop its Feed Adviser Register.  

6. Forward Work Programme - ACAF/14/22
The Committee will be asked to agree to endorse its Forward Work Programme for 2013-14.  

7. Update on feed additives
The Committee will receive an oral update from Dr Ray Smith on current developments on feed additives.

8. Any Other Business

9. Information Papers:

  • EU Developments; ACAF/14/23
  • Update on the work of other Advisory Committees: ACAF/14/24
More information

Background information on the ACAF

The Advisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs (ACAF) was set up in June 1999 to advise on the safety and use of animal feeds and feeding practices, with particular emphasis on protecting human health and with reference to new technical developments and new feed materials and products.

Register of Members' Interests

The Advisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs (ACAF) is made up of independent experts. Members are appointed to ensure that a broad spectrum of relevant eminent scientific expertise and knowledge is represented on the Committee in order that issues can be examined thoroughly and individual applications can be considered on their merits.