Members biographies

ACAF currently consists of a Chairman and 13 members from wide-ranging backgrounds including consumer affairs, farming, the feed industry and science.

Members are appointed in accordance with the Nolan Principles and guidance issued by the Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments (OCPA), which aim to ensure fairness and transparency in appointments to public bodies. ACAF members and their main areas of expertise are listed below.

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Mr Geoffrey Brown

Mr Geoffrey Brown (feed materials) since graduating with a first class Honours degree in the Physiology and Biochemistry of Farm Animals has worked continuously in the animal feed pre-mixture industry in a variety of positions until 2007 when he moved into full time regulatory management.

Professor Robert Smith

Professor Robert Smith (veterinary science) has been a veterinary surgeon for 25 years, and currently carries out clinical work on dairy, beef, and sheep farms as part of the veterinary practice run by the University of Liverpool.

Mr Edwin Snow

Mr Snow (feed industry) was for seventeen years employed as the Technical Manager – Milling Division at Noble Foods (the UK’s leading egg producer).

Mrs Christine McAlinden

Mrs Christine McAlinden (Toxicology) is Associate Director with toXcel International Ltd and is a toxicologist with 20 years experience;

Ms Ann Davison

Ann Davison (consumer) is an expert in customer insight, consumer engagement and clear communication.

Professor Stephen Forsythe

Professor Stephen Forsythe (microbiology) is a Professor of Microbiology at Nottingham Trent University. His main research area is primarily on foodborne infections.

Professor Wendy Harwood

Professor Wendy Harwood (Novel Biotechnology) has over 25 years' experience in crop biotechnology, specifically the genetic modification of crop plants. She has a first class degree in Biology and a PhD in plant transformation. Professor Harwood is currently responsible for the Crop Transformation Group at the John Innes Centre, Norwich.

Miss Michelle Beer

Miss Michelle Beer (animal feed law enforcement) is a Senior Trading Standards Officer for Cornwall Council’s Quality Standards and Animal Health Team ensuring enforcement of animal feedingstuff legislation from “gate to plate”, including trying to write a simple HACCP template for farmers around their processes for animal feed.

Dr Timothy Riley

Dr Timothy Riley (lay person) is a Livestock Farmer (Beef and Lamb) based in West Yorkshire.

Mr Peter Francis

Mr Peter Francis (farmer) is a mixed arable and livestock farmer and a former dairy producer based in West Wales.

Dr David Peers

Dr David Peers (Animal Nutrition) has over 40 years experience of livestock consultancy to farmers, government departments and the feed trade specialising in livestock nutrition and forage production.

Ms Angela Booth

Ms Angela Booth (Feed Manufacturer) is a Commercial Services Director for ABN (part of the AB Agri group) a leading British manufacturer of pig and poultry compound feed.

Professor Ian Givens

Professor Ian Givens (animal nutrition) is Professor of Food Chain Nutrition and Director of the Food Production and Quality Division at the University of Reading, School of Agriculture, Policy and Development. He is also an Associate of the University’s Centre for Food Security and leads the Centre’s research theme of ‘Lipids in the Food Chain’.

Dr Ian Brown - Chairman

Dr Brown (Chairman) is a medically qualified registered specialist in occupational medicine and toxicology. He is also a graduate in agricultural biochemistry and nutrition and has a wide range of knowledge and experience covering occupational health, toxicology, agriculture and food safety.