Dr Ian Brown - Chairman

Dr Brown (Chairman) is a medically qualified registered specialist in occupational medicine and toxicology. He is also a graduate in agricultural biochemistry and nutrition and has a wide range of knowledge and experience covering occupational health, toxicology, agriculture and food safety.

Dr Brown was formally a Consultant Physician in Occupational Medicine and Toxicology at Southampton Universities NHS Trust and is now Director of the Occupational Health Service at the University of Oxford and is also an honorary consultant physician in occupational medicine to the Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust division of public health medicine. He is also Chair of the Pesticide Residues Committee and a member of the Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances of the Health and Safety Commission and a member of the Food Standards Agency's General Advisory Committee on Science. From 1999 to 2005 Dr Brown was a member of ACAF, and from May 2001 until May 2002 served as the Acting Chair, following the unexpected resignation of the Chair, at that time.