Dr Timothy Riley

Dr Timothy Riley (lay person) is a Livestock Farmer (Beef and Lamb) based in West Yorkshire.

Dr Riley is also the Executive Chairman of a Biotechnology and Health Technologies Consultancy (Wellstate Ltd.,) and a Non-Executive Director of a health testing company.

A First class honours degree in Applied Biology and a PhD in Molecular Biology from Kings' College Cambridge was followed by research fellowships and then by working at the Medical Research Council where he administered the HIV/AIDS Strategic Research Programme.

Dr Riley joined the Department of Health in 1991 and as a Senior Civil Servant held a number of high-level roles including Head of NHS Public Health Policy and as Head of Health Outcomes and Effectiveness, established the National Institute for Clinical Excellencd. In 2000, Dr Riley moved to the NHS and as a Chief Executive led over 3 different Trusts before retiring from the NHS in 2011.

Dr. Riley has been a Board member of the National Institute for Health Research's Health Services Research Board, a Member of the Prime Minister's NHS Futures Forum, and is a member of the Farm Animal Genetics Resources Committee for DEFRA.'