Mr Geoffrey Brown

Mr Geoffrey Brown (feed materials) since graduating with a first class Honours degree in the Physiology and Biochemistry of Farm Animals has worked continuously in the animal feed pre-mixture industry in a variety of positions until 2007 when he moved into full time regulatory management.

He has worked closely with a number of UK trade associations and their European counterparts. Mr Brown is a Member of the Legal Affairs and Scientific Committee and chairs the Pre-mixture and Mineral Feeds Committee of the Agricultural Industries Confederation. Since his retirement from full-time employment in June 2014, Mr Brown has taken up an appointment as the General Secretary of the British Association of Feed Supplement and Additive Manufacturers (BAFSAM) and chairs its Regulatory and Technical Committee. He has worked extensively in various Working Groups and Task Forces of FEFANA, the European Association of Speciality Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures, of which BAFSAM is the British Isles ‘platform’. Mr Brown is a past president of the Society of Feed Technologists, was a long standing member of the management committee and continues to be a member. He is also a Member of the British Society of Animal Science.