Professor Robert Smith

Professor Robert Smith (veterinary science) has been a veterinary surgeon for 25 years, and currently carries out clinical work on dairy, beef, and sheep farms as part of the veterinary practice run by the University of Liverpool.

He also has research and knowledge exchange roles within the University of Liverpool School of Veterinary science working with a range of partners in the food supply chain. Professor Smith has a degree in biochemistry and a PhD in neuro-endocrinology in addition to his veterinary graduate and post graduate qualifications. He is an author of 66 peer-reviewed scientific papers and has contributed written material to a range of publications. Professor Smith is involved in on-farm monitoring of cattle health and nutrition, interpretation of forage analysis and animal response to nutrition. He has been a tutor on courses for veterinary surgeons, farmers and animal feed companies. As lead academic of the Tesco Dairy Centre of Excellence, Professor Smith works regularly with dairy farmers across the UK who supply Tesco with liquid milk, the two largest milk processors and the largest retailer. He runs on-farm studies and training workshops guided by industry requirements. The Group has also contributed to a Knowledge Transfer Partnership on ad lib versus restricted feeding of milk replacer to calves. The animals are being monitored into lactation to see if there is an ongoing benefit of early animal nutrition on health and production.