Register of Members' Interests

The Advisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs (ACAF) is made up of independent experts. Members are appointed to ensure that a broad spectrum of relevant eminent scientific expertise and knowledge is represented on the Committee in order that issues can be examined thoroughly and individual applications can be considered on their merits.

Ms Angela Booth AB Agri Director of Feed Safety Agricultural Industries Confederation Feed Executive Committee Chair
  20ha grass farm Partner FEFAC Council Member
      Agricultural Industries Confederation Board Member
      Agricultural Industries Confederation Feed Assurance Group Member
      FERA Scientific Advisory Group Member
      Newcastle University Faculty of Agriculture Industrial Advisory Board Member
      Pig Health and Welfare committee food safety subgroup Member
Mr G Brown GB Micronutrition Services - consultancy to premix and feed sector Self-employed DSM Nutritional Products (UK) Ltd Consultancy
  British Association of Feed Supplement and Additive Manufacturers (BAFSAM) Secretary General Regulatory Affairs Internal auditor
  BAFSAM - Regulatory and Technical Committee Chair    
  Agricultural Industries Confederation -Legal Affairs and Scientific Committee Member    
  Agricultural Industries Confederation - Premix and Mineral Feed Committee Chairman    
  Society of Feed Technologists Member    
  British Society of Animal Science Member    
Dr I Brown Pesticide Residues Committee Chairman None None
  Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances of the Health & Safety Commission Member    
  Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture Member    
  General Advisory Committee on Science Ex officio Member    
Ms Ann Davison National Consumer Federation Member None None
  National Council of Women Member    
  Consumer and Public Interest Strategic Advisory Committee of BSI Member    
Professor S J Forsythe School of Science and Technology, Nottingham Trent University Employee None None
  Mead Johnson expert witness    
Mr P Francis National Farmers Union County Delegate and Member of Management Board None None
  Welsh Assembly Government - Appeals Panel for agriculture Member    
  Young Farmers Club Club Leader    
Professor D I Givens University of Reading Employee European Commission Research funder
  European Food Safety Authority Working Group Ad hoc expert Various Companies Research funders
  British Nutrition Foundation Scientific Advisory Committee Member Dairy Council; Consultant
  University College Dublin Institute of Food and Health, Scientific Advisory Panel Member Universities of Copenhagen and Wageningen; co-operating on Global Dairy Platform funded meta-analysis on dairy products and cardiometabolic disease
  Estonian Biocompetance Centre of Healthy Dairy Products Scientific Panel Expert assessor    
  Nutrition Society Member    
  British Society of Animal Science Member    
  Society of Biology Member    
  Aberystwyth University (IBERS) Science and Impact Advisory Board Member    
  International Chair on Cardiometabolic risk Member of panel on dietary lipids    
  European Healthy Lifestyle Alliance Member of panel on obesity    
  International Expert Movement to improve Dietary Fat Quality Member    
Dr Wendy Harwood John Innes Centre Employee Genetics Society Member
  Arable Farm/Essex Partner Association of Applied Biologists Member
  Arable Farm/Essex Joint Owner Eucarpia Member
      Plantcell reports Editor
      New Breeding Techniques (NBT) Platform John Innes Centre representative
      Various companies research funders
Mrs C McAlinden Toxcel International Ltd Employee Chemical Industry Consultancy on food/feed additives. Registration of pesticides with EPA
  British Toxicology Society Member    
  UK Register of Toxicologist Member (ex Panel Member)    
  Society of Toxicologist Member    
  Society of Cosmetic Scientists Member    
Dr D G Peers ADAS UK Ltd Various consultancy contracts None  
  Various Farm Businesses Nutrition Consultancy    
Dr Timothy Riley Stoney Royd Farm Commercial Beef and Lamb Production Owner/Farmer Wellstate Ltd Director (now renumerated) and Shareholder
      Wellstate HTA Ltd Director and Shareholder
      Better 2 Know Ltd Director (renumerated)
      Arcis: Altos Group Ltd Director (Chairman) (renumerated)
      National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Member of Grant Giving Board (Health Services Research)
      Board of the UK Beef Shorthorn Society Coopted Member
Dr Robert Smith University of Liverpool Employee Tesco PLC ForFarmers PLC Zinpro IceRobotics Consultancy via University of Liverpool
  United Utilities Employer of spouse    
Mr E Snow Edwin Snow Quality Solutions Limited Director 
  Tate & Lyle Shareholder    
  British Egg Industry Council - feed related matters Consultant    
Mrs Stephanie Young Principal Trading Standards Officer - Animal Health
Staffordshire County Council
Employee None None