ACAF open meeting: 28 October 2015

Last updated:
13 November 2015
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The open meeting was held at Aviation House, London on 28 October 2015. It gave stakeholders an opportunity to observe the Committee at work and ask questions.

Ricardo Manoel Aroli Silva (Aprosoja) provided the Committee with a presentation on the sustainable production of soy and described the environmental and social management program for Brazilian soybeans. The Committee learnt about the conditions and costs imposed on those wishing to grow sustainable soy especially in the Mato Grosso area of Brazil. The Committee welcomed this insight and agreed that this was an important issue given the significant protein deficiency of home-produced animal feed throughout Europe.

Geoff Brown and Ian Givens Committee Members gave a presentation outlining the issue of maximum permitted levels of feed additives, the supplementation of animal diets, and links to animal and human nutrition. The presentation provided an indication of the potential to over- or under-supplement trace elements and vitamins in both humans and animals diets due to European proposals amending maximum permitted levels. The Committee agreed that it should consider amalgamating two items (feed additives and manipulation of animal diets), which are currently listed separately, in its forward work plan.

Dr Susan Pryde from Food Standards Scotland (FSS) provided an update on the new food body for Scotland. She provided an introduction to FSS which has now taken over the functions previously held by FSA Scotland, with a broader remit in relation to food safety, diet and nutrition. FSS will work closely with the FSA on  matters of  policy development, European negotiations, UK incidents and science and evidence. The Committee looks forward to working with FSS in the future.

The Committee received a presentation from John Threlfall on the Joint Interagency Antimicrobial Consumption and Resistance Analysis (JIACRA) final report (published on 30 January 2015). Professor Threlfall was a member of the Working Group which prepared the report. This was the first integrated report by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) analysing possible relationships between the occurrence of antimicrobial resistance in humans and food-producing animals. The Committee acknowledged that it had a peripheral interest in antimicrobial resistance and agreed to monitor further developments in this area.

The Chairman of ACAF’s ‘On-farm Feeding’ sub-group currently reviewing the Committee’s 2003 report into On-farm Feeding Practices provided an update on the sub-group’s work. During the presentation the sub-group Chairman explained the progress made to the document following comments received from Committee Members since the June 2015 ACAF meeting. It was agreed that the Committee will receive a copy of the final report prior to its publication.

The Committee also discussed its Forward Work Programme and horizon scanning, identifying further work required before the Programme could be finalised. 

After the close of the meeting, delegates were given the opportunity to pose questions to the Committee.

The next ACAF meeting is scheduled to take place in Aviation House, London on 17 February 2016.