ACAF open meeting: 17 February 2016

Last updated:
22 March 2016
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The open meeting was held at Aviation House, London on 17 February 2016. It gave stakeholders an opportunity to observe the Committee at work and ask questions.

Representatives from the Grain and Feed Trade Association and the Environment Agency provided members with information on the potential feed safety risks associated with refuse derived fuels. This material is stored at ports, prior to export to other member states for recycling into energy. Members agreed that the issues raised were central to the work of the Committee and that a further discussion would take place at the next June 2016 meeting, with a view to the Committee providing recommendations and potential resolution to the problems highlighted during the presentations.

The Deputy Chairman of ACAF’s ‘On-farm Feeding’ sub-group provided an update on the review of the Committee’s 2003 report into on-farm feeding practices. Members of the Committee agreed to provide final comments to the ACAF Secretariat, prior to the document being sent to external stakeholders for comment, with a view to the document being published before the Committee’s June 2016 meeting.

Professor Colin Whittemore (University of Edinburgh) provided an update on the British Society of Animal Science’s Register of animal scientists and technologists since the Register’s launch in 2012. The Register is an international and assured record of the competence, knowledge and career development of members. The Committee was interested to hear about future initiatives to develop the Register and its professional membership further.

An official from the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) provided members with an update on negotiations of the European Commission’s proposal on medicated feeds. Members were informed that a third revision of the proposal of the Medicated Feed Regulations had been produced. It was likely that the negotiations on the proposal on medicated feed would be suspended to allow for parallel negotiations on the proposals to amend the Veterinary Medicines Regulation to catch up. The Committee recommended that the UK delegation should ask the European Commission to seek an opinion from the European Food Safety Authority on the lowest acceptable percentage of an unauthorised presence of antibiotics in medicated feed.

The Committee was also provided with details of a European Commission Food and Veterinary Office (now renamed as DG SANTE’s Directorate F – Health and Food Audits and Analysis) fact-finding study visit to the UK that took place in January 2016. The visit was not an audit and was organised to examine the interaction between private certification schemes and official controls in the UK feed sector. The Committee requested a formal note of the outcome of the visit once it was available.

After the close of the meeting, delegates were given the opportunity to ask questions to the Committee. No questions were posed.

The next ACAF meeting is scheduled to take place in the offices of Food Standards Scotland in Pilgrim House, Aberdeen on 17 June 2016.