ACAF open meeting 17 June 2016

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6 July 2016
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The Advisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs (ACAF) open meeting was held in Aberdeen on 17 June 2016. It gave stakeholders an opportunity to observe the Committee at work and ask questions.

Ms Elspeth MacDonald, Deputy Chief Executive of Food Standards Scotland, welcomed the Committee to Aberdeen and looked forward to hearing the various presentations and subsequent discussions listed on the agenda.

A representative of Food Standards Scotland (FSS) provided an update on the progress made on earned recognition and the delivery of official controls on feed.  The Committee learnt that FSS was considering various options to improve the delivery of official controls on feed based on a centralised model where FSS delivers all official controls from April 2017.  Additionally, the earned recognition scheme implemented in Scotland does not mirror schemes being implemented in England, Wales and Northern Ireland due to a different risk rating system that would require significant system changes in Scotland which cannot be supported due to the imminent change of the official control delivery model. However, the scheme in Scotland does reduce the inspection frequency of businesses that are members of assurance schemes.

Brett Glencross, Professor for Aquaculture Nutrition at the University of Stirling provided Members with details of an on-going project that the University of Stirling was undertaking with industry across the UK, looking at the management of the use of avian protein products for use in the salmon industry.  The Committee found the presentation interesting and extremely relevant to its work and wished to be updated on any future developments. Professor Glencross kindly responded to numerous searching questions posed by the Committee which he was able to answer fully and in detail.

Ms Angela Booth, the Chairman of ACAF’s ‘On-farm Feeding’ sub-group, provided an update on the review of the Committee’s 2003 report into On-farm Feeding Practices.  She stated that the document had been published and thanked everyone for their input in revising the document and emphasised that the aim of the review was to improve and highlight areas of new risk.  Ms Booth stressed that we get better at controlling feed safety risks but they do not disappear and that the document should be re-considered for review in 2018.

Alexander Döring, the Secretary General for the European Feed Manufacturers Association (FEFAC), provided the Committee with details of FEFAC’s views on the recent EU Commission Communication on the Circular Economy and its potential impact on and implications for feed safety management along the feed supply chain.  In general, FEFAC were supportive of the proposal but were concerned about the potential use of catering waste as animal feed.  The Committee was supportive of the issues raised by FEFAC.

After the close of the meeting, delegates were given the opportunity to ask questions of the Committee.

The next ACAF meeting is scheduled to take place in Aviation House, London on 27 October 2016.

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