ACAF open meeting: 28 June 2018

Last updated:
25 September 2018
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The 76th meeting of the Advisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs, held in the Abode Hotel, Chester on 28 June 2018, gave stakeholders an opportunity to observe the Committee at work and ask questions

Follow-up on visit – on 27 June Members of the Committee visited the University of Liverpool’s Dairy Unit.  The visit enabled Members to see at first-hand the issues the Committee considers. Professor Smith (ACAF Member) provided a short presentation on the history and issues faced by the farm, including the feed used, research and working with industry.  Members were appreciative of the chance to visit the farm and found the experience interesting and informative. Members did raise some points during the discussion on the work of the farm, feeding regimes and interactions with industry.

Update on the EU proposal on medicated feed – an official from the Veterinary Medicines Directorate provided the Committee with an update on the latest position of the EU proposal on medicated feed and touched upon the veterinary medicines proposal (VMP).  Members were grateful for the update and answers provided by the Official in response to their questions.

Animal Feed Official Control Delivery Strategy – an official from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) provided details on the recently launched FSA’s animal feed official control delivery strategy.  The official explained the principles behind the strategy and its aims.  Following the presentation Members acknowledged the difficult task ahead of the Agency in view of resources and funding.  The Committee agreed to assist in making the strategy a success wherever it could.

Feed Additives and Over-supplementation– the Committee has discussed on several occasions optimum ways to communicate with the feed industry to emphasise the importance of compliance with maximum permitted levels set for trace elements in feedstuffs. At the October 2017 meeting, Members agreed that a Working Group would be convened and report on the outcomes of its work on a regular basis.  The Chairman of the Working Group reported that work on developing a matrix on the species against particular supplements and additives was in the process of construction.  Additionally, the Group agreed that it did not wish to duplicate work already being carried out, but was undertaking a literature review to assist on clearly identifying the way forward.  One area the Committee raised for the Group’s consideration was how to disseminate any recommendations made by the group.  The Working Group Chairman confirmed that the Group would meet in September 2018 and agreed to provide a further update at a future ACAF meeting.  Members were grateful for the update and made several suggestions to assist the on-going work.

Raw pet food –  the raw pet food sector is a rapidly growing industry in the EU and UK.  Following a presentation by an Official from the Animal and Plant Health Agency on the issues related to raw pet food, and a draft guide prepared on the recommendation of the Committee at its February 2018 meeting, Members were invited to express their views.  Members raised concerns on the issues and provided comments on how the guide could be improved.

After the close of the meeting, delegates were given the opportunity to ask questions of the Committee.

The date of the next ACAF meeting is to be confirmed.