ACAF Review of On-farm Feeding Practices

Updated recommendations on identifying hazards and minimising risks.

At its meeting in February 2014, ACAF Members agreed that the Committee should review and update the report “On-Farm Feeding Practices” which it published in 2003.  It is an important document and should reflect current trends in a changing environment.

In the years since the publication of the Committee’s original report, there have been a number of developments and changes, for example changes to legislation and technical advances which have helped productivity and safety in the animal feed sector.

Since the original review was undertaken during 2001 to 2003, the legislation has been strengthened and new provisions, particularly those in Regulation 183/2005, now apply to on-farm feeding operations.  In addition, farm assurance schemes have been extended and developed to cover feed safety issues and a significant proportion of livestock farmers are members of such schemes.

The Committee has completed its review of the report and has updated it to reflect the new concepts, developments and safety aspects.  This document replaces the 2003 report and therefore, in addition to making new recommendations, where appropriate the recommendations from the previous report which remain valid have been incorporated.