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Dr Helen Warren

Last updated: 28 October 2022


In 1999, Dr. Warren achieved her primary degree in Animal Science from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, followed by her PhD in fatty acids in beef from the Faculty of Medical and Veterinary Sciences at the University of Bristol. She is a qualified lecturer and spent five years lecturing degree students in animal and equine science before moving to industry. She is a Senior Visiting Fellow at Nottingham Trent University in the UK, a trustee of the British Society of Animal Science and a member of the Nutrition Society Membership committee. She is also a member of the Society of Feed Technologists and the Royal Society of Biology. In the field, Dr Warren is a Cow Signals Master Trainer and a registered Animal Scientist. She currently works as a European Technical Manager for Ruminants and Horses for Alltech, involving initiating European research projects, as well as delivering nutritional education and technical sales support. She is also a freelance technical writer for agricultural lay publications.  

Register of Interests



Category of Interest

Organisation/body and nature of interest (period)

Other fee-paid work from relevant organisations, consultancies

Alltech Bioscience Centre (European Technical Manager – Ruminants) (2013 – present)

Feed Strategy (Freelance technical writer) (2014-present)


Category of Interest

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Membership, affiliation, trusteeships or decision-making position with relevant organisations

British Society of Animal Science (Trustee and Chair of Membership and Accreditation Committee) (member 2000-present; trustee 2013-present; Chair of M and A committee 2020-present)

The Nutrition Society (member of Membership Committee) (member 2020-present; Membership Committee 2021-present)

Royal Society of Biology (Member 2021-present)

Society of Feed Technologists (Member 2009 – present)

Nottingham Trent University (Senior Visiting Fellow) (2019-present)

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Direct employment

Alltech Bioscience Centre (Technical Coordinator-Ruminants) (2008-2013)