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Dr Michael Salter

Last updated: 06 November 2023


Dr. Michael Salter was a scientific advisor to the senior leadership team of AB Agri Ltd. 

For in excess of 9 years he worked as an innovation scout and research manager for AB Agri looking to understand innovation in the commercial livestock industry. This involved global travel discussing advances in livestock animal nutrition with companies and academics across Europe, Asia and the United States. Dr Salter sought to understand how feed additives might help improve environmental and financial factors in the commercial livestock industry. In particular Dr Salter has been seeking to understand the microbiome and looking for developments that would improve animal performance via manipulation of the microbiome. Dr Salter has also worked extensively on removal of antibiotics from commercial livestock systems.

Prior to working in commercial livestock Dr Salter worked for INVISTA intermediates as a senior scientist investigating bio based routes to chemical intermediates. In his early career Dr Salter spent 25 years in academia as a specialist molecular geneticist and was a Lecturer in Neuroscience at the University of Leeds UK. In addition to core skills Dr Salter has received training in and has expertise in laboratory health and safety, large scale academic project management, large scale commercial project management, advisory to Universities and academic institutions on how academics can interact with industrial partners.

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Advisor to University of Falmouth, Contributor and Industrial Supervisor to MANNA Marie Curie PhD Fellowship program

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AB Agri LtD, full time 2014-Dec 2021, part time January 2022 to August 2023.

INVISTA Intermediates, manager of biotechnology unit.

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Advisor to IBIOC and member of advisory board, member of Agritech-E advisory board