Tuesday 31st October 2023

Agenda, minutes and meeting papers for the 87th ACAF meeting

Last updated: 21 December 2023


  1. Minutes from the 86th ACAF meeting – Members will review the minutes from the last meeting and provide comments on any changes needed. ACAF/87/01
  2. Ways of working – Members will review the corrected document, as well as the adapted document proposed to be published in the ACAF website. ACAF/87/02
  3. Dossier for assessment: RP1282 L. brevis DSMZ 21982. ACAF/87/03
  4. Dossier for assessment: RP1298 Ronozyme HiPhos. ACAF/87/04
  5. Dossier for assessment: RP2059 Copper bolus. ACAF/87/05
  6. Dossier for assessment: RP1341 Avizyme 1505. ACAF/87/06
  7. Response to RFI: RP634 Chromium propionate. Members will revisit the applicant’s response to the Committee’s request. ACAF/87/07
  8. Draft assessment – RP709, RP309, RP593. Members will evaluate the draft assessments and provide feedback on the content of the document. Members will also finalise previous opinions presented to the Committee. ACAF/87/08
  9. Safety for the user/worker considerations and Secretariat proposal – The Secretariat will brief the Committee on key Policy ways of working and a proposal to reduce the workload for legislative checks. The Committee will be invited to participate in the discussion and give their views. ACAF/87/09
  10. Any other business. ACAF/87/AOB

Date of the next meeting: 14th December 2023 on Microsoft Teams 


Minutes of the 87th ACAF meeting held on Tuesday 31st October 2023.

Meeting Papers

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